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Launch of PAZ Science Phase
  •   SAR PAZ Observación de la Tierra PAZ Ciencia

PAZ Science Activities website publishes today the first Announcement of Opportunity that establishes the beginning of PAZ  Scientific Exploitation Phase. The objective is to provide PAZ products to the research community, which may request the acquisition of PAZ products to carry out specific research tasks, covering areas such as the development of new methods of processing and calibration, data fusion, exploitation of products and development of new applications based on PAZ image products.

All the Announcement of Opportunity information, including the process for preparing proposals and executing scientific projects, as well as the proposal template, can be found on the PAZ Scientific Activities website: http://www.inta.es/WEB/paz-ciencia/en/announcement-of-opportunity/

 Due date for the proposal submission is July 3rd. Proposals shall define the goals of the scientific projects and requested PAZ products. After the review of the proposals, in order to verify its comply with the scientific objectives, the execution period of each project will begin, which will last between 12 and 36 months.

Both the executive summaries of the projects and the articles that are elaborated in the development of the same, will be published in the Scientific Activities website, in order to enrich the scientific community of PAZ.

To be part of this community of scientific users do not hesitate to send us an email with your contact data to paz_ciencia@inta.es. You can use this same email to send us any questions.

In the next blog posts we will talk about the PAZ mission, its image products and the INTA activity in the mission. Do not forget to visit this blog!

Maria Jose

PAZ Science Activities Coordinator