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About us

Composición imágenes áreas del INTA: Aeronáutica, Terrestre, Naval, Espacial

INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) is a Public Research Organisation that depends on the Spanish Ministry of Defence. It is responsible for performing scientific research activities and prototypes in its field of knowledge, as well as for providing technological services to companies in the industry, universities and other institutions.

INTA specializes dually in technological research and development in AeronauticsAerospaceHydrodynamicsSecurity and Defence technologies.

Throughout more than 75 years since its foundation, generations of scientists and engineers have been trained in its labs and facilities.

Among the main tasks that INTA is responsible for, it is worth mentioning:

  • The performance of various types of tests for checking and certifying materials, components, equipment, systems and subsystems.

  • The provision of technical advice and services to official entities and organisations, as well as to industrial and technological based companies.

  • Its role as the technological centre for the Ministry of Defence.

Institute’s organic organizational structure:

INTA, for its operation and administration, is composed of the following units, with an organic level of General Subdirectorate, and dependent on the General Director: two of which are management and technical support bodies, and the other four correspond to the scientific areas.

  • General Secretariat
  • General Subdirectorate of Coordination and Plans
  • General Subdirectorate of Space Systems
  • General Subdirectorate of Aeronautical Systems
  • General Subdirectorate of Terrestrial Systems
  • General Subdirectorate of Naval Systems


The holders of these units will be appointed by the Secretary of State for Defense at the proposal of the Director General.

INTA Statutes: Royal Decree 925/2015, of October 16, approving the Statute of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology "Esteban Terradas".

Annual Action Plan 2023

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

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