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Belgrano Observatory facilities

Located at Nunatak Bertrab in Weddell Sea. It belongs to Dirección Nacional del Antártico (DNA) from Argentine. INTA holds a Research Agreement with DNA since 1993 for atmospheric studies. This base is only reachable once a year (during austral summer) by sea or air.


  • - O3 and NO2 all year round.
  • - O3, temperature, humidity and wind (speed and direction) from the surface to aprox. 30 km. 
  • - Surface ozone
  • - Backscattering signal returns from Polar Stratospheric (PSC) and Tropospheric Clouds
  • - BrO and OCIO column

Aim: Research on Polar Stratosphere and its relationships with the ozone depletion phenomena

Deployed instrumentation:

Available data:

  • - NO2 and Ozone total columns (since 1994) to date.
  • - Ozone, temperature, humidity and wind (speed and direction) profilessince 1999 to date
  • - Surface ozone sinde January 2007 to date.
  • - Backscattering coefficients, backscattering ratio and volume depolarization parameter of the Polar Stratospheric (PSC) and Tropospheric Clouds, since February 2009
  • - BrO and OCIO column since February 2011

PI: Margarita Yela (

Data manager in ozone profiles: Margarita Yela (

Data manager in surface ozone: Mónica Navarro (

Data manager in NO2 and O3 total columns: Margarita Yela (

Data manager in LIDAR and PSCs and Tropospheric Clouds research: Dra. Carmen Cordoba-Jabonero (

Data manager in BrO and OClO column: Margarita Yela (

Further information


View of the facilities of the Belgrano Observatory