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Main tasks

PSC observed on 3/23/1998 in Iceland

  • Programmes in atmospheric research.
  • Ozone and ozone related species observation by long-term monitoring and dedicated campaigns.
  • Ground-based, airborne and balloon campaigns for satellite validation
  • UV-B radiation monitoring.
  • Climatology and forecast of the ionosphere by ionospehric soundings.
  • Analysis and interpretation of atmospheric data.
  • Microorganism behaviour in atmospheric re-entry proccesses
  • Development of new instrumentation
  • Characterization and calibration of spectroradiometers and broad-bands.
  • Database handling and distribution to World Data Centers
  • Surface ozone, NO and NO2 monitoring.
  • Measurements of meteorological parameters temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind direction, with sensors located at 10 m and in different levels (25, 50 and 100) in a tower of 100 m.
  • Meteorological and ozone soundings in experimental campaigns.