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Security of Explosives pan-European Specialists Network - EXERTER

EXERTER invites your organization to register in the contact database for "Industry", "End users", "Academia & Research", "Regulators" and "Standarizations bodies" in the european strategic sector of anti-terrorism and security against explosives.

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EXERTER Network concepts

EXERTER is a Horizon 2020 funded project connecting 20 practitioners from 13 EU member states into a network of explosives specialists.

The network aims to:

  • Highlight innovative methodologies, tools and technologies that could be part of solutions to enhance the overall Security of Explosives and fight against terrorism and serious crime.
  • Discuss and lift needs, solutions, issues etc. within the network, among practitioners and within the explosives specialist community. The work evolves around research initiatives, standardisation & certification as well as market and product development, and tries to take an holistic approach to the issues raised by covering a large part of the course of events through the four response domains; prevent, detect, mitigate and react.
  • Be a link between actors; manufacturers, academia, research and practitioners, to support development and exploitation, and to help increase practitioners’ capabilities in the fight against terrorism and serious crime.

EXERTER database is a tool that will be able to interact among end users, industry, researchers and academia, to promote innovation and facilitate the process of taking the final steps towards commercialization

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