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C212 S/N 301 campaigns

The C212 S/N 301 is destined to provide support to carry out atmospheric research campaigns, flight testing, research and development of new airborne devices and SAR campaigns.

The objective of conducting atmospheric research campaigns is to monitor the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere during flights, in which atmospheric data are collected on-site. The aircraft is configured as an airborne laboratory with the suitable staff and instruments to get data in the required environmental conditions, which will depend on the atmospheric environment studied. In particular, our team has specialized in measuring the characteristics of atmospheric suspended particles: size, composition, shape and concentration. Another line of research that is increasingly active is that related to the study of the formation and accretion of ice on aeronautical surfaces, in real flight conditions.

INTA Aerial Platforms for Research are also dedicated to support the research and development of new airborne instrumentation. In the last years, several users have designed and developed different prototypes of airborne equipment that required to be tested and validated in flight.

In addition, conducting SAR campaigns has the purpose of performing the flights required to qualify the SAR sensors developed by the Institute's Radio Frequency Area in real operating conditions. This support extends to carry out "production" flights for SAR images of the Earth's surface and objects located on it.

The links below show the flight campaigns carried out in C212 N/S 301 aircraft in the years: