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C212 S/N 270 campaigns

The C212 S/N 270 is destined to provide support to carry out remote sensing campaigns of hyperspectral imaging to monitor the Earth’s surface, objects and its phenomena. For this purpose, various sensors are available to collect passive imagery covering the entire optical spectrum and providing calibrated data with high spectral, radiometric and geometric accuracy. Users are mainly private companies and public institutions that demand processed and geolocated datasets for specific applications.

Airborne remote sensing products enable to map, study, monitor and manage the use of natural resources in fields like agriculture, forestry, geology, etc. It has made possible to survey and analyze in detail large areas of the territory in remote regions of the world. In the last years, several public bodies, private companies and scientific teams have used these tools to collect detailed information on numerous features of the Earth’s surface: temperature, content of chlorophyll, organic and inorganic suspended sediments in water, archaeological features, forest fire detection and mitigation, urban monitoring, etc.

The links below show the flight campaigns carried out in C212 N/S 270 aircraft in the years: