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Why choose Pistas INTA?


  1. Madrid's International Airport is 15 minutes away from our facilities.
  2. This area is extremely well connected (A-2 Highway, M-50 Highway, ...).
  3. Several of the best hotels in Madrid (Puerta de America Hotel, Hilton Madrid Airport Hotel, ...) are within 20 minutes drive from our facility.
  4. Just 18 kilometers away from the center of Madrid, with its wide range of cuisine, entertainment and cultural offer.

What to see in Madrid



We have ideal weather conditions,in average, over 2900 sun light hours per year.

Sun light hours



Our vehicle test facilities can be adapted to almost any kind of event:

  1. We have different types of tracks (speed ring, dynamic platform, ABS track, off-road area, etc.) with different dimensions and characteristics (asphalt, sand/mud, irrigated areas, concrete areas, blue basalt, .. .) that give us great adaptability.
  2. Each one of these tracks can be used indepently to withhold different activities.
  3. We have a large conference centre, the Carpa Espacial, that can be used to hold conferences or vehicles showcases.
  4. The Sala VIP can be used for small presentations or meetings in an exclusive environment.
  5. Within the test track we have:

- 3 training classrooms and 1 meeting room.

- A large box fully equipped for tire changing, geometry alignment and vehicle repairing during the event; that can also be customized.

Some other  INTA facilities

Some other INTA facilities


Experience in hosting large-scale events

Pistas INTA has been chosen by some of the world’s top car manufacturers as a venue for international presentations.


The Focus Global Test Dirve

Peugeot 2011 Event

INTA Audi Driving Experience

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