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  Joint CSA, DLR, INTA Call

  RCM - TSX - TDX - PAZ Missions

   Starting on March the 1st, 2024

   Deadline September the 30st, 2024


This Joint Call is intended to foster the joint scientific use of SAR products provided by RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) (CSA), TerraSAR-X (TSX) (DLR), TanDEM-X (DLR) and PAZ (INTA) missions, focusing on the evaluation of these sensors and missions for research on algorithms, methods and applications. 

Our objective is to explore the scientific possibilities of SAR products provided by the RCM, TSX and TDX and PAZ missions:

  • Explore the interoperability and influence of sensor wavelength
    • The three RCM satellites operate in C-Band whereas TSX, TDX and PAZ operate in X-Band
  • Explore the influence of different polarization
  • Explore imaging modes and spatial resolutions
  • Take advantage of improved revisit time and temporal coverage

Investigators are requested to prepare their proposals taking into account the specific data acquisition sites where data of the corresponding mission have data already acquired over a longer time frame.

Although it is a common AO, interested research teams shall submit their proposal to both, DLR and INTA, for the independent revision of each institution as well as the signature of PAZ EULA (for the use of PAZ scientific products). There is no need to submit a proposal to access RCM products since archived data at 16m and coarser over land is open to public. However, higher resolution data (5m, 3m, ...) requires to be a vetted users.

Bidders with accepted proposal will have access free of charge to images. The deadline for proposal submission is September 30st, 2024. The evaluation of each proposal will start as soon as they are received by each entity.



Starting on March the 1st, 2024

Submission of proposals due date September the 30st, 2024


Document Icon  CSA-DLR-INTA Joint Call Document

Form Icon 2   Proposal Submission (open on March the 1st, 2024)

Mail     Contact us for more details paz_ciencia@inta.es   glezbmj@inta.es