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Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule


The picture above shows a meeting schedule of the activities that will be carried out.

The conference schedule can be downloaded in the following link. The presentations will be 15 minutes talking and 5 minutes for questions.

Monday 15th of July will be opened with a reception and continued with a guided visit around Lugo. During the week we will enjoy different conferences that will take place at the university until afternoon, when we will offer activities where you will discover this roman city and its history. Monday and Tuesday of the next week you all will be able to see flight tests of new instruments and systems that are being developed in the Rozas Airborne Research Center (CIAR).

The Campus of Lugo offers free wifi, the globally-used eduroam networks available for those who have certificates through their home institutions. In the CIAR you will also be able to use the wifi service.

For your information, once the congress will end up, there will be a few special days for the community where we celebrate a feast called Saint James the Apostle in the city close to Lugo called Santiago de Compostela. From 25th of July the city will be full of people going to concerts and theaters, visiting the artisan workshop in the middle of the city, watching the fireworks at midnight in the cathedral and a lot of activities that you will enjoy.

In addition, the 26th of July the XIV Aeronautic Criterium will take place in the Rozas Aerodrome, same place as CIAR. In this show you will see a big exposition of the evolution of aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. There will be raffles, acrobatic flights, and a lot more, you can even feel the parachuting experience!!