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Commercial & R&Di projects CEHIPAR works on

The strategy towards new and/or improved products is established and developed in cooperation with the customer, in order to input maximum creativity in all phases of development. Our projects provide customers with solutions tailored to their specific business needs.

The projects can be catalogued in two categories:

Commercial projects

Projects covering a wide variety of projects identified by industrial customers. They have separated pages in this website:

- International commercial projects.

- National commercial projects.

Research, Development and innovation projects (R&D+i)

Theoretical or applied R&D+ i projects. They have separated pages in this website:

- EU projects H2020.

- Other international R&D+i projects.

- National R&D+i projects.

We are also committed to the protection of our customers’ technology and intellectual property. We help them to obtain patents, utility models and trademarks.

We collaborate with Universities and technological centers in R&D+i projects, establishing cooperation agreements in all the branches of ship hydrodynamics. We are members and active partners in research with:

- ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference).

- CRS (Cooperative Research Ship)

- Shipbuilding companies.

- EU and USA universities.

- Spanish and foreign research institutes.