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CEHIPAR tests the floating wind turbine "CHEF Turbine"

Ensayos de la plataforma eólica flotante de movimientos reducidos denominada “CHEF Turbine”

Tests of the small-scale floating wind platform "CHEF Turbine" (Compact Holistic Efficient Floating Turbine) were completed last December in the Ship Dynamics Laboratory of INTA´s El Pardo Campus.

The project has been led by the company Seaplace together with its partners Magnomatics and Norvento and was funded through the DemoWind 2 ERA-NET Cofund Action program. The main objectives of this project are the floating offshore wind energy costs reduction and the efficiency increase by means of a higher energy production.

Through the parametric design, the project allows the adaption of the dimensions of the platform to its power and site. It also reduces costs thanks to the use of concrete in the base of the generator and the capability to install the platform in ports with reduced draft, thus minimizing the cost of transport and setting up since large crane ships are not necessary. After installation, the platform has very small movements, even in bad sea conditions, increasing the power generation capacity and reducing the fatigue of the wind turbine.

To complete the project, the structure was tested studying the towing conditions, installation, operation and survival of a real scales 8 MW generator in a representative location of the North Sea.

Tests of the small-scale floating wind platform "CHEF Turbine"

Videos about the turbine tests