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Adolfo Marón Loureiro, winner of SNAME´s 2018 Vice Admiral E. L. Cochrane Award.

Adolfo Marón Loureiro, ganador del Premio Vice Almirante E. L. Cochrane 2018 de la SNAME

The Vice Admiral E. L. Cochrane Award is granted by SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers) to the best peer-reviewed paper published by SNAME. Adolfo Marón Loureiro, Head of the Experimental Hydrodynamics Area at "El Pardo Campus" of INTA, is the winner of this prestigious international award with the paper "Experimental Studies on Seakeeping and Maneuverability of Ships in Adverse Weather Conditions".

The introduction of the energy efficiency design index (EEDI), which is applicable for various types of new-built ships after January 1, 2013, raised concerns regarding the sufficiency of propulsion power and steering devices to maintain maneuverability in adverse conditions. This was the motivation for the initiation of the EU research project SHOPERA (Energy Efficient Safe Ship Operation, 2013-2016). Within the framework of SHOPERA, a comprehensive experimental program of more than 1300 different model tests for three hulls of different geometry and hydrodynamic characteristics has been conducted by four leading European maritime experimental institutes: INTA-CEHIPAR (Spain), MARINTEK (Norway), Technische Univertität Berlin (Germany) and Flanders Hydraulics Research (Belgium).

The aim of the article is the development of suitable methods, tools and guidelines to effectively address the concerns of SHOPERA project to enable safe and green shipping. The focus lies on the added resistance and drift forces at zero and moderate forward speed, propulsion, and rudder force tests in waves and the assessment of maneuverability of ships in waves, as compared to calm water conditions.

Florian Sprenger, Guillaume Delefortrie, Thibaut van Zwijnsvoorde, Andrés Cura-Hochbaum, Antonio Lengwinat and Apostolos Papanikolau are co-authors of the paper.