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CONDOR is a complex of tools that offers the CIAR for reach a reduction of time in the preparation of the tests, with the consequence of reducing costs, both for the reduction in dead times and because of the use of non technical profiles for the exploitation of a really specific equipment, and complex if is operated in an individual way.

A significant improvement in tracking capacity will be reached with the reduction in the number of configuration and setup problems that a center with these characteristics suffers incoherently.

In addition, it will be possible to exploit it from remote areas, live or deferred, thanks to an innovative codification tool that meets the last standards, and that also records the data generated in the CIAR, which  improves its exploitation options and its appeal to customers.

CONDOR will also improve the safety during the tests, through Software and Hardware tools that will have the capacity to early detect potential threats and risks, monitoring the threats and applying the processes that must be followed in each case while in a CRISIS situation. All of this aligns with the recommendations of U-SPACE framed in phases U1 and U2, like the GEOFENCES management, or the integration with traditional flights and joint monitorization.

The characteristics of CONDOR will add to the CIAR are:

  • Making the operation of the equipment of the CIAR easier.
  • Assuring the disponibility and the correct operation of the key equipment in the test operation, assuring that those tests will be held with the correct safety and accuracy standards.
  • Improving the exportation, storage and delivery of required data
  • Permitting the remote use of such data, live or deferred, with the consequent cost reduction, expanding the possibilities of exploitation of the center and its potential attractive to new external customers
    • Implementing communications to the control center in case of a threat to the safety of personal or assets of the center.
    • Providing the CIAR its experience in the supply, integration and maintenance of the control center, and in the remote exploitation of them, with the target to turn the CIAR not only into the best, but:The most reliable and simple, thanks to the tool CONFTEST
  • The most attractive thanks to its exploitation, storage, recording and processing capabilities thanks to the tool GRADIS
  • The safest for certification tests, thanks to the tool SERVO

Gráfico que muestra el conjunto de herramientas CONDOR