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DronAs is a software prototype acquired by the CIAR for testing and certification of the new U-Space environment. It also provides the necessary tools and services B2B for the management of the U-Space environment pre-flight (strategic), during flight (tactical), and a specific tool for strategic simulation.

In addition to supporting the daily activity of the Center, it is open-minded (Service Oriented Architecture) for the use of any organization, research organisation or company interested in the future deployment of the The description of how to interoperate with the platform will be at CIAR, available to future awardees.

DronAs in the strategic stage (before flight)

The pre-flight functionality of DronAs is centered around the following:

  • The creation of a safe, conflict free, flight environment thanks to strategic deconfliction
  • Implement the CIAR with the tools for planned scenarios analysis and evaluating the impact of the different airspace configurations (corridors vs free routing), the fluctuation in the minimum separation distance amongst aircraft and/or the interaction time for the validation of the missions.

DronAs en la fase estratégica

With this goal, the following array of tools and utilities are provided:

  • separation between aircraft (strategic deconflicting)
  • strategic mission management dashboard
  • Tools for designing and sizing of the airspace

DronAs in the tactital stage (during flight)

DronAs allows management to verify that the missions comply with their planning, relying on a series of warnings (active on different operating frameworks) which will trigger when it detects a loss of adherence or possible, unexpected, conflicts. Furthermore it integrates a series of utilities (metrics module and viewing of the evolution of air traffic) for continuously assessing the condition of the airspace using different key performance indicators KPIs.

It falls outside of the scope of DronAs the detection and conflict resolution dependent from onboard equipment (detect & avoid)

  • Adherence overview
  • Conflict detection medium to short term
  • Metrics of the evolution of the airspace
  • Viewing live traffic

Imagen que muestra las alertas durante la fase táctica

DronAs en la fase táctica