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Concept Integrity

On 10th November 2022, TECNALIA, the largest applied research and technology development centre in Spain, and its partner UMILES Next conducted several flight tests with their aerotaxi Concept Integrity, under the framework of the European AMU-LED project at the CIAR premises.

These flights play a part in the AMU-LED demonstrations, the European project H2020 which seeks to further drones safe integration progress in urban environments.

The eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing autonomous aerospace vehicle) Concept Integrity is the state of art design of the first version tabled in 2019, in which all systems have evolved. It is the first appliance in Spain capable of travelling autonomously in cities, aimed for passengers transportation, covering urban distances of 15 in 15 minutes.

During demonstration, UMILES Next and TECNALIA could test automated flight control and autonomous landing and take-off. This has allowed to integrate the aerotaxi in U-space.