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GMV successfully led the interference location tests carried out in the INTA's Airborne Research Center (Centro de Investigación Aeroportada (CIAR) in Rozas (Lugo). Within the framework of the Civil UAV Initiative, a strategic initiative of Xunta de Galicia to develop a technological and industrial hub around unmanned vehicles in Galicia, G;V has organized and carried out GNSS jamming location tests were carried out from a payload onboard a drone. It is the first time tests of this type have been carried out in the CIAR (Centro de Investigación Aeroportada), requiring coordination with ENAIRE for the publication of two NOTAMs, the aim of which was to warn airspace users about the emission of interference and the operation of the drone. Also taking part in the tests was the company Centum research & technology, which forms part of the project led by GMV