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FULMAR demonstration

March 4th, 2021, a flight demonstration of the Fulmar View took place at CIAR, a high-performance UAS with rapid deployment, which allows minimizing human risk as well as reducing costs and the carbon footprint in surveillance operations, intelligence, search and rescue.

The ability to equip it with different sensors, the possibility of operational land and naval use in adverse conditions (night operations, low visibility...) and the versatility of integration with data analytics tools, artificial intelligence and satellite communications in motion, allows us to provide support in many strategic areas: forestry, agriculture, maritime, traffic, etc.

Main features

  • 12 hours autonomy
  • Operation range: 120 km radius
  • Operation in adverse condicions (rain and wind< 40 knots)
  • 25 Kg MTOW
  • 3 m wingspan
  • 100 km/h cruising speed
  • Maximum altitude: 4000 meters