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The Naval Systems Subdirectorate

Approximately 90 years have passed since the creation of the Hydrodynamic Experiences Channel of “El Pardo” (CEHIPAR). This center has become the INTA Naval System Subdirectorate. It has participated, since 1928, to the development of hydrodynamic sciences. In 1934, there were 11 channels of this type all over the world; nowadays, there are around 120 channels, although most of them are small-scale facilities devoted to educational purposes. The CEHIPAR has done around 25,000 testings, over 2,700 types of ships and 2,600 propeller models.


Wave Channel

If we consider, as an average, that from each of the tested models two ships are created, and that from forms and propeller optimization, about a 5% of fuel has been saved for a 10,000 CV average power and a 25 years operating life for each ship, we could calculate in actual cumulative terms, that the work done in the CEHIPAR has saved a quantity of fuel which would have cost around 21 million euros.

The improvements that CEHIPAR proposes for the facilities of a ship after its testing are related to a design optimization, a safer behaviour in sea, and a concrete saving of fuel. These benefits compensate the small investment needed for the testing.