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OTRI Services


The services offered by INTR OTRI to achieve its objectives consist of:

  • Identify the results generated by INTA research groups, assessing their transfer potential (depending on the degree of maturity of the technology), and develop a commercial catalog of technological offer of those results, in order to disseminate it among companies And other entities to facilitate the transfer thereof.
  • Disseminate, among the productive sector, institutions and society in general, the scientific and technological offer of INTA research groups through different activities.
  • Connect the Institute's offer with business demand through the identification of common interests, and to meet the technological demands of companies requesting services from INTA.
  • Maintain the database on the scientific and technical offer of INTA, which contains information on researchers, knowledge, scientific infrastructures, lines of research and technologies.
  • Management and advice on the protection of Research Results.
  • Management and preparation of contracts for the exploitation of research results.
  • Collaboration in the elaboration and management of research agreements, consortium agreements, technical assistance and contracts in which INTA participates.
  • Identify R & D opportunities of interest to the Institute and disseminate them selectively among research groups, facilitating participation in them.
  • To manage the participation of the Institute in regional programs of Marketing and Internationalization of technologies, creation of Technological-based Companies and Network of Laboratories.
  • Promote the transfer of technologies generated in the Institute, through the creation of Technology-Based Companies.
  • Organize information days for the staff of the Institute in the fields of Marketing, Technology Transfer, Industrial Property, European Programs, etc.

In summary, the OTRI provides INTA researchers with specialized technical advice on R & D & I, acting as a unit of interface between their respective research groups and the scientific-university environment, different administrations and companies Applicants for technology.