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Abstracts and Registration

Those wishing to present their ongoing work at ISARRA 2019 are requested to submit an abstract by email at There is no abstract fee and abstracts are due by 1st March, 2019. Abstracts should be sent as attached files to this e-mail, preferred format is Word or pdf files. Abstracts must include: title, authors, affiliation, address, e-mail address of the corresponding authors and text. The abstract body should have 200-250 words approximately. Please, let us know if poster or oral presentation is preferred.

By 29th of March we will let the authors know about the abstracts selected.

Afterwards, those authors interested can submit a paper which will be delivered to the attendees. Papers should follow the instructions provided in

Conference registration is now open. Please complete and return this Registration Form to before 7th of June.  The registration fee is €100. The payment should be made through a bank transfer to the following account ES34 0049 5189 2425 1695 7525, indicating in the concept: "ISARRA2019 + FirstName + LastName".