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The Minister of Defence presides over the taking office of INTA’s new General Director

Fri Feb 09 13:38:43 CET 2018

LieutenantGeneral Salom, who had been the Chief of the Air Combat Command (MACOM) until now, had also already been a part of INTA as the General Subdirector of Coordination and Planning for three years.

The Minister of Defence, María Dolores de Cospedal, presided over the taking office by Lieutenant-General José María Salom as INTA’s new general director. This event, to which notorious civilian and military authorities attended, was celebrated in the space tent that is located in the Institute. In her speech, the Minister looked back on her previous relationship with General Salom with whom, throughout the last years, has shared “good, hard, and sad moments”, and from whom she has received advice for important decisions affecting the Ministry. The Minister expressed her conviction about the appointment of General Salom, stating that “it is a wise decision so that INTA maintains, and improves, its extraordinary reputation”. Two main values define General Salom’s career, the Minister added: professionalism and commitment; “that is why this appointment is so thrilling”.

María Dolores de Cospedal praised INTA’s contribution both to the knowledge and to the industrial sector. She affirmed that “everything that is being done here provides benefit and progress for society as a whole”. After mentioning the “brilliant past, and better and exciting future” of the Institute, the Minister concluded by addressing the new Director: “You have everyone’s support and trust”.


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