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Event for the presentation of innovative proposals within the International Defence Exhibition (FEINDEF)


INTA will be present at the International Defense Exhibition (FEINDEF, in Spanish), organized with the support of the Ministry of Defense, to be held in Madrid between the 29th and the 31st of next May.

FEINDEF is an exhibition of technologies and material for Defense and Dual applications, where companies, Armed Forces, State Security Forces and Bodies, universities and research centers will meet to know platforms and new technological developments.

During the FEINDEF celebration, on May 30th an event called DSiB (Defense and Security innovation Brokerage) will take place. In line with the contents of the Preparatory Action for Defense Research (PADR, in English) of the European Union, DSiB aims to be a forum for the presentation and exchange of innovative ideas, the seed of future proposals for funded defense and security research plans that will occur after PADR.

In DSiB can participate research groups of public research centers (universities, OPIs) and companies and entrepreneurs, with proposals framed within the main lines of PADR. Among all those who submit proposals in the tool enabled for this purpose on the website of FEINDEF, an expert committee will make a selection and the elected will have the opportunity to publicly expose these proposals in an agile format. Finally, a jury will award the three best proposals.

The information about the lines on which to make the proposals, the way to participate and other details, appear in the link https://www.feindef.com/defence-security-innovation-brokerage.asp

The deadline for submitting proposals on the FEINDEF website ends on March 25.